The plants of raspberry wine Kubera are situated in the southern foothills of the Balkan Mountains аt an altitude of 450 m in the middle of the Rose Valley, in the vicinity of the town of Sopot, one of the places with the most favourable climate in Bulgaria. The winters here are mild and the summers – cool, the sunny days are plenty, and who counts the cloudy ones!

Малиново вино Кубера
лого за малиново вино Кубера
кубера малиново вино бутилки
Малиново вино Кубера

Raspberry wine Kubera is made at a boutique winery 20 km from the plants, which has been selected especially for timely and momentary processing, a prerequisite for preserving the authentic raspberry flavor.
Our recipe is not from grandmother or grandfather, we are a team of innovators, experimenters, adventurers and lovers of intoxicating sensations which the wonderful wine can give you.
With the help of our oenologist Tanya, we created a young recipe for raspberry wine from which hearts are pounding, bottle caps are melting, heads are getting numb and adventures and passions are created which are worthy of being recorded into the book of Kubera.
It would be a real honour for us to read about your adventures with raspberry wine Kubera.
Kubera, a thirst for more!