Welcome to Kubera
the Raspberry Way which is as close to the Earth as it is close to the Universe!

1. Our story starts here and now (with you):
You are a dreamer, an adventurer, an eccentric, a romantic,
An innovator, an experimenter – you and I – we are the future!
Do you know that our galaxy, the Milky Way, smells of raspberries?
And do you know what I am!
I am a fresh, astringent, full-bodied, exciting, explosive, unabated
Unquenchable aromatic ecstasy.
– I am the Raspberry Way to the Universe.
I am Kubera!
I am you! Taste me!

We believe that everything in the universe is connected and complementary. We try to observe the balance in nature and apart from all the biological practices we use when growing our plants, we are sure that positive emotions are a primary driver for the taste of the raspberries which transform into the most unique raspberry wine that can be tasted!
насажденията за малиново вино Кубера
Насаждения - Малиново Вино Кубера
The plants of raspberry wine Kubera are situated in the southern foothills of the Balkan Mountains аt an altitude of 450 m in the middle of the Rose Valley, in the vicinity of the town of Sopot, one of the places with the most favourable climate in Bulgaria. The winters here are mild and the summers – cool, the sunny days are plenty, and who counts the cloudy ones!



For a full harmony when consuming raspberry wine Kubera, nothing else is needed apart from a full bottle, which is to be emptied to the bottom! And for a full harmony accompanied by spiritual ecstasy, you have to be positive, surrounded by positive individuals, dry appetizers, cheeses and sweet temptations, the only purpose of which is laughter, intoxication, turbulent emotions, everybody talking at once, hearing nothing but understanding everything.
Drink Kubera with thirst!

It would be a real honour for us to read about your adventures with raspberry wine Kubera.
Kubera, a thirst for more!


Sopot 4330
+359 879 108 004
Facebook: Kubera